Shipping container dumped in Warmington garden

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Jane Sollis

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The shipping container was dumped off a country road in broad daylight

A mum-of-four was left baffled after discovering a large shipping container mysteriously dumped in her back garden.

Jane Sollis said the 20ft storage facility was probably moved from a lorry and winched on to her land in Warmington, Warwickshire.

Her garden fence was knocked down during the bizarre incident and no paperwork was left for the container marked “Taiwan”.

Her family have since listed the unit for sale on eBay for £200.

A number of bids have been received.

The container only had a few building materials inside when Ms Sollis found it on Saturday.

The 54-year-old has reported the issue to police and her local council.

Ms Sollis, a waitress, told the BBC: “This shipping container is a complete eyesore and I want it gone. It is a mystery why it was left in my garden.”

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A Warwickshire Police spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that a shipping container was dropped off in the garden of a residential property in Warmington on 5 May.

“It is believed that the container, filled with building materials, was dropped off in error.

“The delivery of the container appears to have caused some damage to a nearby fence. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Stratford-on-Avon District Council said officers were awaiting further information before they could advise on the matter.

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