Newspaper headlines: Khan Brexit vote call and Ruth Davidson's teenage self-harm

The Observer

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Sadiq Khan has called for a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU, the Observer reports. Writing in the paper, the mayor of London said the country only had two options post-Brexit, a bad deal or no deal. He said he never expected to call for a second referendum, but the threat to living standards and jobs is so high that there is no alternative than to give people a chance to stay in the EU.

The Sunday Times

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Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has said she would never run for the Tory leadership, as she values her mental health too highly to seek to become prime minister, the Sunday Times reports. In an interview with the paper, the pregnant politician reveals that in her teenage years she struggled with self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and bouts of depression.

Sunday Telegraph

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The Sunday Telegraph reports that Russian secret services are in crisis after the “botched” chemical weapons attack on Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, in Salisbury. The paper reports that British officials believe the two men accused of carrying out the attack were wheeled out on Russian TV as a punishment for leaving a trail of evidence. Meanwhile, former Conservative MP and author Jeffrey Archer laments the state of his former party and says he would vote for Jeremy Corbyn if he lived in the north of England.

Sunday Express

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The Sunday Express reports militiamen in Libya are inviting bids for the brother of Manchester Arena attacker Salman Abedi. Hashem Abedi was captured in Libya by UN-backed government forces and was due to be tried for his alleged involvement in the Manchester bombing. The Express reports the two militias who have control over Hashem Abedi want to sell him for $1m (£765,000).

Mail on Sunday

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A former prison chaplain lives in fear of Muslim gangs in Brixton Prison, south London, because of his Christian faith, the Mail on Sunday reports. Pastor Paul Song claims a group of inmates stormed a gathering in the prison chapel and began loudly praising the men who killed soldier Lee Rigby, the paper reports. Mr Song was removed from his role at Brixton Prison in August last year following a dispute with the head chaplain, an imam. He has since been reinstated.

Star on Sunday

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Charles Bronson, dubbed Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, has been called a “chubby cry baby” by his wife Paula Williamson, who he married in prison last year, the Daily Star reports. Williamson, a former extra on Coronation Street and Emmerdale, said he is frail and does not deserve his tough reputation. In July the Sun reported Bronson was seeking a divorce after pictures of Williamson and another man were posted on social media.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has used a piece in the Observer to call for another referendum on EU membership. The paper itself also argues the public should be given the chance to vote on the final deal. It says a lack of consensus on the best way out of the EU since the referendum in 2016 has left the country in “a dangerous political vacuum”.

Elsewhere, the senior conservative Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith, writing in the Sunday Express, insists the vote was binding on politicians and Brexit must be delivered.

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The leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson has ruled out ever running for the leadership of the UK party. In an interview with the Sunday Times, she reveals her teenage years were plagued by self-harm, suicidal thoughts and bouts of depression. She says she values her mental health, and her relationship, too highly to seek the role of prime minister.

The 39-year-old, who is pregnant with her first child, adds that it is offensive to her that people think she would have a child in Edinburgh and immediately move to London and leave it behind.

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Parts of the US state of North Carolina are facing walls of water, and the aftermath of Hurricane Florence could see “historic” flooding. The Mail on Sunday says as 18 trillion gallons of rainfall will have been dumped on the state and neighbouring South Carolina by the time the storm passes.

Here the Sunday People says the UK’s weather is due to come under the influence of storms Isaac and Helene, which are building up in the Atlantic behind Florence.

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Libyan Interior Ministry

According to the Sunday Express, the brother of the Manchester Arena bomber is being offered for sale to the highest bidder by Libyan warlords. Britain has been trying to formally extradite Hashem Abedi for his alleged role in the attack which killed 22 people.

A UK government source has told the Star on Sunday they will never pay for the 21-year-old’s extradition.

The tennis star Martina Navratilova criticises Serena Williams’s behaviour at the US Open in an article in the Sunday Times. While she agrees there’s a double standard for women about how bad behaviour is punished in the sport, she argues women should not be looking for what they can also get away – rather all players should behave better.

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A writer in the Observer comes to Serena Williams’s defence arguing she has to rise above the double blow of racism and sexism.

The Sunday Mirror is claiming a world exclusive after its reporter was given access to a museum set up by the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim II-Sung to show his “great standing” in the world.

Among what the paper says are “mindboggling and bizarre” items on display are gifts from Joseph Stalin, Colonel Gaddafi, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe and Vladimir Putin. There is also a Wigan Warriors rugby shirt sent by the UK arm of the Friends of North Korea.

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