Chessington power cut: Visitors stuck on theme park rides

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One visitor took a picture of people being rescued from a ride

Theme park visitors are stuck on rides because of a power cut at Chessington World of Adventures.

The Surrey attraction said a power cut in the local area had “impacted operation” on Friday afternoon and evacuations had been carried out on rides that were at a high level.

Visitors took to Twitter to say people were being rescued.

A spokeswoman for the theme park confirmed people had been helped down from rides.

She said: “We got all our guests down within half an hour.”

One visitor tweeted that people were being rescued and added: “I’m never going to a theme park again.”

The theme park said staff were trained to carry out “high-level evacuations”.

Every ride has a platform next to it, so all guests would have been helped to a platform and then would have been able to walk down stairs, the spokeswoman said.

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