Omar Eljach had never before won more than $200,000 in a live poker event; he nearly doubled his previous total in this tournament. He has won just around $2 million overall as of this point.

Although it wasn’t precisely a wire-to-wire triumph, it was nevertheless a victory. The 2022 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event’s eight-handed final table saw Omar Eljach start off as the chip leader on Wednesday, and by the early hours of Thursday morning, he had amassed all the chips, earning him his first-ever WSOP gold bracelet and €1,380,129 in prize money.

After the event, Omar Eljach told, “It’s extremely hard to convey. “So many different, incredible emotions. What a wearying fight… I have great relief and delight. Yes, it’s a wonderful sensation.

He claimed he needed a change of scenery and that his next course of action is to get the hell out of Dodge. His intentions are a little hazy, but he’ll probably take a vacation to celebrate.

As previously reported, Omar Eljach came into the Main Event final table with the most chips, 19,480,000,000. Nobody else reached more than 10 million, and Shaun Deeb came in second with 16.580 million.

Omar Eljach set the final table rolling with the first shot when he defeated Alexandre Reard

Who had held the chip lead following Day 3, in ninth place. A-A against Q-Q almost always gets the job done.

In the seventh position, Shaun Deeb eliminated the legendary Barny Boatman by staying close to Eljach. Following that hand, Deeb and Eljach were tied for the chip lead at about the 25 million dollar level.

Armin Rezaei was eliminated by Omar Eljach in sixth place, while Paul Covaciu was quickly eliminated by Vladas Tamasauskas in fifth place. Even after four hands, Ejach and Deeb were still only a few chips apart.

But soon after Jonathan Pastore eliminated Vladas Tamasauskas in fourth place, Deeb began to widen his advantage and had more than half the chips in play. Deeb was pulling away while Eljach was falling.

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The crucial moment then occurred. Eljach limped before the flop holding Kd-2d, Deeb pushed the pot to 1 million with Ac-7c, Eljach raised it again to 3.5 million, and Deeb folded. The Kh-2c-7h flop produced two pairs for Eljach and middle pairs for Deeb, the top kicker. Eljach placed a 3.4 million wager on the 8d turn, and Deeb made the call. Eljach placed an 8 million dollar wager after learning that the river was the 9d. Deeb called after roughly three minutes of deliberation, and Eljach won a sizable pot to take the lead with 35 million chips. There were 16 million Deeb left.

After that, Eljach began to distance himself from Deeb, while Pastore alternated with pulling chips away from Deeb until Deeb eventually gave up to Eljach and dropped to third position.

Pastore and Eljach engaged in heads-up play, with Eljach holding a 43 million to 33 million chip advantage. Pastore immediately took the lead, but Eljach swiftly took it away. Pastore recovered control and appeared to be heading for the championship as he held the advantage for a time, increasing it to 63 million to 13 million.

But Eljach persevered and made some more progress. He reclaimed the lead after Pastore had tanked for a good 13 minutes (thank goodness I was cooking supper at the time). The lead changed hands a couple more times before it was over abruptly.

Pastore preflop raised to 1.8 million with Ac-8d. With Queens and a three-bet to 5.8 million, Eljach awoke. Pastore then made the decision to go all-in for 32 million, at which point Eljach called right away. Pastore had serious problems. On the flip, Pastore matched his 8, but that was it. Omar Eljach won the pot and the competition after Jacks came on the turn and river.

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