Tansey, the creator of ImpActive CBD, had just finished his freshman year with NCAA Clarkson in 2012 and was optimistic about the future at the age of 19.

The professional defenseman found CBD and a new path as a result of a near-death trauma and the ensuing dependence on painkillers.

From a chalet-style home in Denmark, where his Herning Blue Fox team is now on a 10-game winning streak and in first position in the country’s top league, the Metal Ligaen, defenseman Kevin Tansey is participating in a Google Meet with me. His rigorous, physical style of play makes for many bumps and bruises, but the Canadian import has discovered a natural means of coping with pain after a tragic event flipped his life upside down as a teenager: ImpActive, a CBD topical cream.

He said, “I had a good first year. I visited camps and spoke with NHL teams.

He had gone to his car to get his overnight bag one night while staying at a friend’s house in Ottawa for a summer hockey camp when he was jumped by an unidentified assailant and struck with a blunt weapon.

My skull was broken, my brain was bleeding, and I spent less than two days in a coma, Tansey claimed. “I shattered my shoulder and three ribs, which led to 17 or 18 dislocations and subsequent surgery. To be honest, I was hanging on for dear life. They weren’t sure if I would survive for a few days.”

Tansey fortunately made it through

But for the following three weeks, he was unable to recall anything and kept dreaming that he was in Toronto or back at Clarkson.


He recalled, “I’d never been offered Percocet or painkillers before. “Even though I was in excruciating agony, it masked it and left me in a fog. I tried to avoid it because I didn’t enjoy it, but I was also struggling with mental and emotional ideas about never playing hockey again.”

During his three weeks in the hospital, Tansey lost 80 pounds, and his doctor advised against him playing hockey because of his head injury. The devastating news contributed to Tansey becoming dependent on opioids, and she experienced some difficult moments.

He obviously missed the entire 2012–2013 Clarkson season, but he did return the next year despite his continued need on opioids. He would take them after games when he blocked shots or just to cope with the horror of that night in Ottawa.

Tansey came to his senses during his junior and senior seasons with the Golden Knights and decided he needed to stop using painkillers. Despite his lack of disclosure regarding his struggles, friends and relatives nevertheless offered support. His experience with painkillers in sports changed after he become professional.

When he got professional, he discovered how simple it was for players to obtain these items. “There was no organic method to heal.”

Soon later, Tansey learned about CBD, a substance derived from hemp plants but without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. For him, it was amazing to receive pain relief from a doctor without experiencing a mental high.

He claimed that it marked a significant turning point in both his life and profession. I wasn’t losing myself in a mental fog or trying to numb the pain.

For a new endeavor in 2020, Tansey partnered with a friend whose prior CBD firm had failed. While playing for Orli Znojmo in the Czech Republic, Tansey once again dislocated his shoulder. Because the team needed someone else for the playoffs, they decided to buy out Tansey’s contract and give him a little financial advance. He and a friend started selling their product online, had a bigger firm buy them, and this fall relaunched ImpActive.

ImpActive offered players a choice for natural pain alleviation in their straightforward sales pitch for their product: For athletes, by athletes. Once used, the medicine, which comes in a roll-on stick, reduces inflammation within a short period of time.

He claimed, “The effect is local and you don’t experience any brain fog.” It won’t harm you in the long run or cause reliance, either.

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