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Other than crazy red carpet moments and glamorous gowns, the Oscars is often a chance for actors to inspire fans with their speeches.

Some call for social and political change, like Spike Lee who exhorted the audience to “mobilise” ahead of the 2020 US presidential elections.

Others, like Olivia Colman, take the time to thank their nearest and dearest.

Here are some of the most inspiring moments of the night.

1. “I did my best, and my best is good enough” – Hannah Beachler

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Jay Hart and Hannah Beachler, winners of best production design for Black Panther

Hannah Beachler made history as she became the first black person to win the Oscar for production design, for her work on Black Panther with Jay Hart.

She thanked director Ryan Coogler for giving her “a safe space” and “brotherhood”, and she had a message for the next generation.

“I give this strength to all of those who come next, to keep going, to never give up,” she said.

“And when you think it’s impossible, just remember to say this piece of advice I got from a very wise woman: I did my best, and my best is good enough.”

Fellow Black Panther crew member Ruth E Carter also made history for being the first black person to win an Oscar for best costume.

2. “Be heroes of your own stories” – Constance Wu

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Wu presented the award for best original song alongside Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman

When chatting to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, Wu described Crazy Rich Asians as a “historic” moment, as it saw a major studio telling a story centred on her experience as an Asian-American.

“To be something like that for young women today,” she said, “to let them know they can be heroes of their own stories and their stories are worthy and interesting and people want to know them… that has been so meaningful to me.”

3. “We’re longing for stories like this” – Rami Malek

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Rami is the champion, my friends

As Rami Malek accepted his award for best actor for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, he said the film might offer hope to those struggling with their identity.

“We made a film about a gay man, an immigrant, who lived his life unapologetically himself,” he said. “And the fact that I’m celebrating him and this story with you is proof that we’re longing for stories like this.”

He also embraced being “the son of immigrants from Egypt” and a “first-generation American”.

4. “To all the nerdy girls out there that hide behind their sketch books, don’t be afraid” – Domee Shi

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Winners Becky Neiman-Cobb (L) and Domee Shi at the Vanity Fair Oscars party

Chinese-Canadian animator Domee Shi collected an Academy Award for best animated short for her directorial debut, Bao. The Disney-Pixar film resonated with many Asian communities around the world for representing their culture and heritage.

In her acceptance speech, Shi gave a shout out to all the “nerdy girls” in the world. “To all the nerdy girls out there that hide behind their sketch books, don’t be afraid to tell your stories to the world!” she said.

“You’re gonna creep them out but you’re probably gonna connect with them too and that’s an amazing feeling to have.”

5. “Having the dream is easy, making it come true is hard” – Serena Williams

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While Serena Williams may not be an actress or singer, she knows a thing or two about what it’s like to become a star.

“When we’re young, we all have dreams of what we can accomplish in life,” the tennis icon said as she introduced best picture nominee A Star Is Born. “Having the dream is easy, making it come true is hard.”

As her speech drew to a close, she said: “There’s the rush of fame, the pressure of success, and the heartache that comes with sacrificing love for career… or career for love.”

Some viewers thought the final part of her speech referred to her friend the Duchess of Sussex, who stood down from her role in legal drama Suits when she got engaged to Prince Harry.

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