London attack: Belfast college cancels school trip

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Students from St Louise’s Comprehensive had been due to visit London later this month

St Louise’s Comprehensive College in Belfast has cancelled a planned school trip to London in the wake of last weekend’s attack in the city.

The visit, from 21-23 June, involved 51 junior school students.

It was called off “in light of recent events, and in the interest of the health and safety of children and staff,” the school’s statement said.

Eight people were killed when three men drove into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing victims on Saturday.

In its statement, the school thanked parents for their understanding and support.

“The senior leadership team had a very positive meeting with parents to discuss the situation and explain the decision making progress,” it continued.

“The school will continue to work closely with the tour company regarding refunds and will update parents on an ongoing basis.”

‘Amend risk’

Schools have recently been urged to review their planned trips in the wake of the recent attacks.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), which represents many principals, is due to issue new guidance in the next few days on how schools should approach planned trips.

ASCL’s general secretary Geoff Barton said schools should review and amend risk assessments of trips as necessary, and take on board the views of parents.

“Our advice to schools concerned about planned trips to London is to review and amend risk assessments as necessary, and to talk to parents to gauge their views,” he said.

“Where school trips go ahead, parents who are concerned can withdraw their children.”

A few schools in England have already announced that they have cancelled forthcoming trips, but others have continued as planned.

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