A strong defense is the best way to attack an opponent.

Dominance Ice is often the first item that is always recommended on the items page in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This is the case if you have been playing tank heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

It is possible that among defensive items, it does not have the greatest stats, but what makes it such a significant item is its Arctic Cold passive, which reduces attack speed, shield regeneration, and HP regeneration.

Despite this, there are still players that choose for defensive items with greater stats rather than Dominance Ice. Here are three reasons why you should make prioritizing the incredibly adaptable defensive item one of your top priorities in every MLBB match you play.

Dominance Ice is effective against any enemy team composition

Every possible team composition in the game includes at least one healer or tank hero, such as Balmond, Akai, Rafaela, and Estes. This is true whether it is a straightforward ranked match or professional competition.

All of these heroes are vulnerable to Dominance Ice’s attack. The Arctic Cold passive ability of this item has a chance to lower the shield and healing of all adjacent opponents by an astounding fifty percent. Simply possessing this item makes you an absolute walking kryptonite for any kind of team configuration.

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It is economical

The user of the item receives stat boosts that are extremely useful at higher levels of play.

To begin, it is the only piece of defense equipment at level three that offers a bonus of five percent to the player’s movement speed. Additionally, it is one of just two things that include mana, which is extremely valuable in the later stages of the game.

The item has a number of negative effects, including a shield and a reduction in the rate at which HP is regenerated, and it also slows foes’ attack speed by 30%. Because of this, it is an undervalued item when used against marksman heroes.

Your teammates have more item building options thanks to Dominance Ice

Necklace of Endurance and Sea Halberd are two additional pieces of equipment that, when used together, have the capability of lowering an opponent’s capacity to heal themselves.

Necklace of Durance is mostly utilized by heroes that do magical damage, whereas Sea Halberd is utilized by heroes who deal physical damage.

Even while both of these items are quite effective against healers and tanks, mages and marksmen run the risk of missing out on far more useful gear.

Dominance Ice fulfills the primary objective of the tank, which is to make the lives of the team’s other members significantly less difficult, and it accomplishes it in full.

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