The Vampire Princess has arrived to put an end to this.

Carmilla has been absent from the meta for a considerable amount of time, but she has the potential to emerge as one of the most powerful support heroes in the metagame right now.

Before, throughout almost a whole year of ranked and competitive play, the hero was completely absent from the game. According to the statistics compiled by MLBB, Carmilla was the hero that was played the fewest times across all levels. Curse of Blood was her only ability to influence large groups of people, although it wasn’t very useful in team battles.

Everything shifted in that regard with the release of patch 1.7.32 the previous week. In spite of the fact that the sole change made to her ultimate ability was cosmetic, players are now having success using the hero in ranked play.

As of this writing, she went from being the hero that was played the least to being the hero that was played the 15th most across all levels. In addition, her overall victory percentage of 58% places her in second place across all levels.

Carmilla has had changes in Mobile Legends patch 1.7.32


  • Stolen defense adjusted from 6-12 to 7-11

Ultimate – Curse of Blood

  • Carmilla will now toss the Curse of Blood in a direction and form a large field that slows enemies caught within it
  • Enemies that remain in the field after a while will be immobilized and chained together, slowing and revealing them
  • Damage adjusted from 275-525 +160% Magic Power to 450-750 +130% Magic Power
  • Linked Damage Ratio decreased from 70% to 50%
  • Linked Control Ratio increased from 70% to 100%

Special Partner Skill

  • Cooldown increased from 20s to 45s
  • Base Shield increased from 220-500 to 520-800
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The new ultimate ability of Carmilla will make opponents disperse

Carmilla’s ultimate ability only affected three foes before the patch, and it was simple to avoid because it did not have any crowd control effects. These issues were resolved with the revised ultimate ability, which now has a greater influence in battles involving many players.

As the Curse of Blood is no longer limited to a single target, Carmilla is no longer restricted in where she may cast it. All of the adversaries located within a big region will become immobile and then gradually slowed down.

The ultimate now has an effect on all five of the adversary’s heroes, up from three previously. If Carmilla is able to connect all five of her teammates effectively, any damage or crowd control effects that are applied to one target will also be applied to the other four teammates.

This is a significant game-changer in team fights, particularly late in the game when everyone has already completed their core items and the game has reached its latter stages.

The new ultimate is effective against team compositions that want to keep together, such as the UBE tactic that was pioneered by Blacklist International. This type of squad likes to stay close to one another. Tank junglers like Balmond and Fredrinn, who have little to no mobility skills, would also have a difficult time if they become trapped within because of the nature of their roles.

The M4 World Championship will take place the following year, giving us the opportunity to witness her performance in a competitive setting.

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