While we focused all of our efforts on floating beneath the surface of the water.

Atlas, a resident of the Abysmal Sea, is one of the most ancient living creatures found in the Land of Dawn. After discovering an old Mecha Sentry on the ocean floor, Atlas gave it the ability to evade the creatures of the deep.

He introduces a new gameplay concept to the game by having the ability to detach himself from his mecha for a brief period of time and then rejoin himself.

He is excellent at crowd control and tracking down opponents, in addition to being a powerful initiate.

The abilities of Atlas in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Frigid Breath

Each time Atlas uses one of his skills, he causes a frosty breath to be generated around him that lasts for five seconds. When an enemy is hit by Frigid Breath, their Movement Speed will steadily decrease over the course of three seconds, and then they will be frozen for half a second after that.

When Frigid Breath is active, Atlas receives an increase of 11-25 to both their Physical and Magic Defense.

  • Enables you to stick to enemy heroes so that you can cast spells.
  • Continually engaged in a team battle if your spells are well-chained.

First skill – Annihilate

The ground is smashed by Atlas, which results in three explosions. Enemies take damage from each explosion, which is caused by magic. Ejected State: If he has ejected from his Mecha Sentry, both he and his Mecha will throw Annihilate on any enemies they encounter.

Use this talent after Perfect Match to produce two circles of AoE for the most damage possible while in the Ejected State.

Second skill – Perfect Match

Atlas transitions into the Ejected State, gaining increased mobility and resistance to effects that slow them down. When in this mode, the Mecha Sentry will pursue the pilot at a rate that increases over time (can only be affected by Suppression). As soon as they come face to face, Atlas will return to the Mecha, causing magical damage to any close foes as well as stunning them.

In the Ejected State, both Atlas and his Mecha have their health bars combined, which allows them to take less damage overall.

  • Atlas stands out from the crowd thanks to this talent. Literally. This gives you more maneuvering choices because it can be utilized over walls.
  • Utilize Perfect Match and Frigid Breath to close the distance between you and the enemy.
  • Use the increased movement speed to place Atlas in front of opponents rather than behind them to ensure the last stun.
  • You won’t have any other spells available to you if you start a combat with Perfect Match (besides Flicker if it is off cooldown). On the other hand, Perfect Match is a fantastic escape tool because it increases your speed and lowers the damage you take.

Atlas launches chains at all nearby heroes and begins to channel, delivering magic damage to opponents that are struck and slowing them down. This channel can only be terminated by the ability Suppression. If you use this ability a second time while it is channeling, Atlas will pull the targets toward him and then slam them into the designated place, causing magic damage in the process. When used in Ejected State, this ability will bring the Mecha Sentry to Atlas, allowing for a more expedient merging.

  • After Perfect Match’s stun, use Fatal Links for a crowd control combo.
  • Fatal Links can be channeled, but it’s too slow and telegraphed to be really effective when in full view. Casting instantly is equally efficient.
  • Fling opponents onto your team so they can inflict the most damage up front.
  • The fact remains that you are still a tank. It’s likely that the adversaries won’t be killed even if you initiate with your entire combination but your teammates are unable to follow up. It is preferable to keep an eye on your team’s positioning and peel for your carries.

Flicker is required if you want to be the best playmaker on Atlas. Closing the space while performing combos can mean the difference between catching someone off guard or missing completely. Sprint is another option.

Atlas’s ideal build in Mobile Legends

The item that grants the most movement speed in the game is Rapid Boots, which boosts your speed by 80. This naturally favors Atlas because he won’t have to rely on Perfect Match to initiate and can now catch up to enemies thanks to this purchase.

All tanks need Dominance Ice, and they frequently purchase Athena’s Shield and Immortality as well. If the opponent team’s physical damage dealers are particularly fueled, consider adding Antique Cuirass to your build.

Emblem set

Select from the Support or Tank emblem sets.

Add points to Agility for increased movement speed, Recovery for increased regeneration, and Pull Yourself Together for an extended cooldown on Flicker under the Support emblem set.

If you choose the Tank emblem set, give more points to Brave Smite, Inspire, and Shield to help you survive a little bit longer during engagements.

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