The Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley skin, which will only be available during the 2022 Starlight Fest, takes place in a reality in which Lesley is able to attain the might of Thor.

According to Moonton’s account, she became capable of controlling lightning after successfully passing a test, which also resulted in the acquisition of a pet hawk.

She was a member of the musketeers, the cheering squad, and the sniper cell in the military; nevertheless, she has hung up all of those uniforms in preparation for something far more impressive.

After Royal Musketeer, General Rosa, Cheergunner, Stellaris Ghost, Dangerous Love, Angelic Agent, Lethal Lady, and Falcon Mistress, this is the eighth skin in her collection. Her previous skins are listed as follows:

A sneak peek at Hawk-eyed Sniper Lesley’s skill effects

Lesley, the Hawk-eyed Sniper, like the color purple as her dominant hue, which she combines with various pearlescent tones and then brings out with royal gold.

The first thing that will stand out about her is that she has two different colored eyes. As a manifestation of her newly acquired abilities, her left eye glows purple while her right eye seems to be a light macaroon. This duality continues to her long, pleated mane, which is colored a light eggplant hue and has stunning white at the fringe. Her mane is pleated.

Every single piece of her armor and the Black Vulture weapon has a distinctive design that incorporates jagged edges, which further illustrate the idea of stormy weather and lightning.

lesley hawk-eyed first skill

As soon as her first ability, Master of Camouflage, is used, she transforms into an invisible form. Her weapon may still be seen, emitting a shiny and glossy finish and radiating a light violet color.

lesley hawk-eyed second skill

Her second ability, known as Tactical Grenade, is inherently bright and, when thrown, causes a cone of violet lightning to emanate from it. At the very conclusion of the animation sequence, Lesley’s back is shown to be covered with wings.

lesley hawk-eyed third skill

The animation that is produced by Ultimate Snipe is among the most complex that has ever been seen in-game for an ultimate move. At the very time that Lesley begins to channel, a rainbow of prismatic hues begins to emanate from the end of her weapon.

Her pet hawk also refracts the same light and makes a spectacular entrance and exit from her weapon with each shot she fires. What a range of emotions!

Alongside the skin’s debut on November 21, a fresh new recall effect, avatar border, and fight emote will also be made available.

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