Police said that while speaking with the woman dealer, she denied any wrongdoing

According to the court records, the investigators working for the Nevada Gaming Control Board have accused a baccarat dealer working in Las Vegas of cheating in order to benefit a player and get tips.

A gaming investigator got a complaint from The STRAT Hotel & Casino in June 2020 regarding the dealer, Ying Yu, and a possible instance of dumping.

The investigator said in court records that “dumping a game” is a strategy that is employed by a dealer that is outside of the standard processes and rules of the game to fraudulently benefit the player. “Dumping a game” is what is being referred to in this instance. “The technique typically entails an overpayment from the dealer, dealers transferring wagers from losing to winning outcomes, or some kind of message to a player to impact the outcome in the player’s favor,”

According to the statements made by detectives in court records, a casino manager had requested a check of Yu’s tips from the previous two days “because to the amount she got.”

According to the allegations made by the gaming control board, Yu did not collect lost wagers from a player but instead “waited until [he] won to pay [him] out on four times,” as stated by the investigators in the court records. “It is suspected that Yu was engaging in this activity with the intention of receiving advice from [the player] after he won.”

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After realizing that “Yu failed to collect those wagers,” the player decided to repay the losing bets, which totaled roughly $5,000. According to the investigators, they were unable to uncover a connection between Yu and the player.

According to the records filed with the court, “After Yu failed to collect [the player’s] lost wagers on these four times, [the player] would tip Yu more than $100.”

When the investigator questioned Yu, “[she] appeared to be obviously distraught and denied any involvement,” the investigator wrote.

According to the documents submitted to the court, the board issued a warrant for Yu’s arrest in October of 2020.

On Tuesday, Metro police reportedly conducted a traffic stop on a motorist who was using a car that was registered in Yu’s name. The warrant for Yu’s arrest was known to the police, so they proceeded to her residence.

She was arrested by law enforcement on charges of defrauding a gaming business, and she was taken to jail. On Wednesday, Judge Diana Sullivan let Yu go free on her own recognizance after she had been in custody.

If convicted on the cheating charge, the defendant faces a Category C felony, which involves a sentence of imprisonment and a fine.

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