No more playing dirty, please.

Gusion has remained a fan favorite among assassin mains in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ever since he was introduced to the game four years ago. Once you have mastered the complexities of his combos, he can be a lot of fun to use, and he deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

In the game of Gusion, it is extremely difficult to eliminate an experienced player. Once he strikes you with Sword Spike, it doesn’t matter where you are on the map; it nearly always results in an easy kill for you. Because of his lightning-fast dashes and teleportation abilities, he is a headache for the squad to cope with, particularly if they have limited to no talents in crowd management.

There are two approaches that may be taken to counter Gusion. You may either interrupt his combo or have a talent that makes you immune to damage for a limited period of time when you are participating in team fights. In the Land of Dawn, the following three heroes are capable of providing resistance to the Holy Blade.

Mobile Legends’ 3 Gusion counters


Ruby is a terrifying opponent for all of the Gusion mains. Her second ability, “Don’t run, Wolf King!,” has a cooldown of seven seconds and allows her to cancel out all of his combinations. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to take her out of the battle quickly when on a team.

Because of her passive ability, she is able to sprint after using each of her skills, which enables her to avoid being hit by Sword Spike. It is essential that you prioritize acquiring Athena’s Shield in the early game in order to reduce some of the damage that Gusion deals. If the Holy Blade is already rather far ahead in the game, other excellent item choices are Oracle and Immortality.


Hayabusa is the only assassin that can compete with Gusion in terms of speed. His second talent, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, which allows him to blink many times throughout a vast area for a few seconds at a time, is what makes him a useful opponent.

When the Ninjutsu technique known as Quad Shadow is active, it is very tough to hit with Sword Spike. If Hayabusa is successful in activating the talent, he will be able to use Ougi: Shadow Kill, which will make him immune to harm while simultaneously increasing his attack power.

In the end, it is strongly suggested that you first practice Hayabusa in conventional mode in order to acquire a better understanding of how Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow works. As soon as that obstacle is over, taking on the role of the assassin hero against the Holy Blade will be a walk in the park for you.



Minsitthar is the ideal opponent for heroes that make extensive use of blink and dash attacks, despite the fact that he has not been a popular fighter for quite some time. His ultimate ability, King’s Calling, generates a huge region around him that prevents the use of any talents that need blinking in a certain direction.

If Gusion does not move out of the region where the effect is being applied, he will not be able to use his ultimate ability, Incandescence, or his basic attack, Sword Spike. This will render him worthless in team battles.

In order to prevent the Holy Blade from knocking down your marksman or mage during team fights, it is essential to maintain a close proximity to them. After your opponent has used Sword Spike and dashed toward you or a member of your team, you can stop his combo by using King’s Calling. After that, finish him off with a Shield Assault to keep him immobilized until the rest of your squad deals the finishing blow.

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