Finsbury Park attack suspect told police 'I'm flying solo'

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Julia Quenzler

The man accused of driving a van into a crowd of people near a London mosque told police on the day of his arrest he was “flying solo”, a court has heard.

Darren Osborne, 48, is accused of mowing down people in Finsbury Park, killing one and injuring nine others.

The jury at Woolwich Crown Court is considering who was driving at the time on the attack on 19 June 2017, and if the alleged attacker acted with others.

Mr Osborne, from Cardiff , denies charges of murder and attempted murder.

The court is hearing evidence on whether Mr Osborne acted with accomplices – namely two men, known only as “Dave” and “Terry Jones”.

Concluding the prosecution case, Jonathan Rees QC said Mr Osborne told the Metropolitan Police on the day of the attack that he was acting alone.

He read a statement from Det Con Paul Dring, who interviewed Mr Osborne as he was under armed guard at University College Hospital, on the day of the attack.

DC Dring said he asked Ms Osborne: “In terms of what happened today, is there anyone else involved?” to which the defendant allegedly replied “no”.

The court heard that at the end of the interview, DC Dring asked: “Finally from me, is there anything at all that you know about that could harm anyone?”

Mr Osborne replied “no”, and after a pause added: “I’m flying solo”, the court heard.

‘Couple of pints’

Mr Osborne is said to have told officers he “lost control” of his van while detained in the back of a police vehicle following the collision.

The court was shown footage from the body camera of PC David Jones, who is said to have handcuffed Mr Osborne while he was on the ground after the incident.

A man – who the prosecution says is Mr Osborne – can be heard saying: “I lost control of the van”, and “lost control, man”.

Mr Jones allegedly said: “Were you driving, yeah?” and the man is heard to reply: “Yeah”.

Asked if he had been drinking, the man said he had consumed a “couple of pints”.

Mr Osborne denies the murder of Makram Ali, 51, and attempted murder of “persons at the junction of Seven Sisters Road and Whadcoat Street, London”.

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